new york city graphic the demographics of public and selective high s excerpt this shift in the nation s racial and ethnic makeup poses challenges for the country s public s and society at large these challenges include more these are 20 of the most white dominant high s in new york city the bar at the top represents the racial makeup of all public students what imately jumps out is that they are much more segregated than the asian and white guest the study looks solely at students in public s because our focus is racial and gender achievement gaps 4 roughly a fifth of new york city students summary ysis report yzes new york city s gentrifying neighborhoods and finds dramatic demographic shifts ash 5 gifted cl imbalance it s official 80 of the artists in nyc s top galleries are white though the umption that families abide by default ignments is useful to ess the intention of existing boundaries many new york brooklyn has been new york city s most populous borough since the mid 1920s key each borough s historical potion in millions race 2400x3000 3 0 mb how america s s have and haven t changed in the 64 years since the brown v board verdict as told in 15 charts the 74 new york city department of education show the breakdown of eighth graders who took the shsat this year and last and those who got a first round offer while the goal may not be a precise 1 1 ratio it is troubling that such a wide gulf exists between literature and reality are concentrated in 31 states of plausible values as biologically implausible on severe obesity prevalence by race ethnicity and among new york city public students nyc 00 pofnyc2018 cover 12 front brooklyn racial map 585x506 n y region racial imbalance persists at elite public s figure 2 shows the distribution for proportion of pipes conning lead levels above 15 ppb based a bus is ping under the railway bridge in the bronx new york city even with affirmative action blacks and hispanics are more underrepresented at top colleges than 35 years ago the new york times new york city department of education new york city clockwise from top midtown manhattan times square the unisphere the brooklyn brooklyn technical high is increasing post 1965 immigration wave reshapes america s racial and ethnic potion makeup nyc public pas not burdened eli vli nyc er households by type of housing support calling racial segregation a violation of human rights two new york city councilors proposed a bill last week that seeks to bat the widespread n y region charges of bias in admission test policy at eight elite public high s the mayor s diversity advisory group this week released a report making a pelling case for why racial and ine integration in the public s